tot是什么意思 tot的读音、翻译、用法

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'tot' 这个词语源自于英语,意思是指 "小孩子",通常被翻译为 "孩子" 或 "小孩"。这个词语在英语中通常用于口语中,表示亲昵和可爱的感情,也可用于描述年幼的动物。以下是9个含有 'tot' 的例句:

1. The little tot couldn't reach the cookie jar on the shelf.(小孩子够不着架子上的饼干罐。)

2. The baby's first words were "mama" and "dada", much to the delight of the proud parents.(宝宝的第一句话是“妈妈”和“爸爸”,让骄傲的父母非常开心。)

3. The tots played together in the sandpit at the park.(小孩们在公园里的沙坑里一起玩。)

4. The mother picked up her crying tot and comforted him.(母亲抱起哭泣的孩子并安慰他。)

5. The toddler was too scared to go down the slide by himself, so his father went with him.(这个蹒跚学步的孩子太害怕自己滑滑梯了,所以他的父亲陪他一起玩。)

6. The kindergarten teacher read a story to the tots before naptime.(幼儿园老师在午休前给小孩子们读了一个故事。)

7. The little tot loved playing with his toy trucks and cars.(小孩子很喜欢玩他的玩具卡车和汽车。)

8. The family took a vacation to the beach and the tots had fun building sandcastles.(一家人去度假,小孩们玩累了就会在沙滩上盖沙堡。)

9. The proud grandmother watched her little tot take his first steps.(骄傲的祖母看着她的小孩迈出了他的第一步。)


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