dock是什么意思 dock的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The cruise ship is scheduled to arrive at the dock at 8am tomorrow.(这艘游轮计划明天早上8点抵达码头。)

2. The fishermen unloaded their catch from the boat and took it to the dock.(渔民们把捕到的鱼从船上卸下,然后把它们带到码头。)

3. The ship was repaired at the dock and is now ready to set sail.(这艘船在船坞修好了,现在可以起航了。)

4. The dock workers went on strike to demand better working conditions.(码头,要求改善工作条件。)

5. The dock was bustling with activity as cargo was loaded and unloaded from the ships.(码头繁忙,货物从船上装卸。)

6. The company built a new dock to accommodate larger ships.(公司建造了一个新的码头,以容纳更大的船只。)

7. The ferry pulled into the dock and passengers disembarked.(渡船驶入码头,乘客下船。)

8. The captain guided the ship carefully into the dock to avoid hitting any other vessels.(船长小心地把船驶入码头,避免碰撞其他船只。)

9. The dock was damaged by a storm and had to be repaired before it could be used again.(码头被暴风雨损坏,必须修复后才能再次使用。)


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