isomerase是什么意思 isomerase的读音、翻译、用法

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1. This protein acts as an isomerase, converting one molecule to another. 这种蛋白质作为一种异构酶,将一个分子转化为另一个分子。

2. The enzymatic activity of the isomerase was measured and compared to a control. 测定了异构酶的酶活性并与对照组进行了比较。

3. The isomerase changes the position of functional groups within a molecule. 异构酶可以改变分子中官能团的位置。

4. This study identified a new type of isomerase that plays a crucial role in metabolism. 该研究发现了一种在代谢中起关键作用的新型异构酶。

5. The isomerase activity was found to be highest at a pH of 7.2. 异构酶活性在pH为7.2时最高。

6. The isomerase reaction results in the formation of a different stereoisomer. 异构酶反应导致形成不同的立体异构体。

7. The crystal structure of the isomerase was determined using X-ray diffraction. 利用X射线衍射确定了异构酶的晶体结构。

8. The isomerase was able to convert a cis-isomer into a trans-isomer. 异构酶可以将顺式异构体转化为反式异构体。

9. Mutagenesis was used to create mutant isomerase enzymes with altered substrate specificity. 采用变异技术制造突变异构酶酶,使其底物特异性发生变化。


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