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Elephants are the largest animals on the land. They are huge, with big ears and big noses. They can walk quietly and help people carry heavy things.

They are very friendly. There are many kinds of elephants. They always live together.

But the number of elephants is reduced. People hunt elephants in order to get their teeth. We must take actions to protect them, otherwise they will be extinct from the world.




An Elephant

An elephant is a large intelligent mammal with a long flexible trunk and thick gray skin. They are usually found in Asia and Africa and are known for their impressive size and strength. Elephants are herbivores meaning they only eat plants and can consume up to 300 pounds of food in a single day.

Elephants are highly social animals living in groups led by a matriarchal female. They communicate with each other through a variety of vocalizations as well as through touch and body language. Elephants have long been used by humans for transportation and in war but today they are mostly valued for their conservation and ecotourism potential.

Despite their large size and strength elephants are unfortunately threatened by habitat loss poaching for ivory and human conflict. Conservation efforts are currently underway to protect these magnificent animals and ensure their survival for future generations.






Elephant time a young man was wandering around the zoo when he suddenly remembered an appointment he had arranged. Unfortunately, he forgot his watch. He was looking for someone who could tell him the time.

He saw a zookeeper standing next to the elephant. "Excuse me, sir," said the young man, "do you know what time it is?" The keeper reaches under the elephant, grabs his ball, and begins to play "well, it's about." the zookeeper responds that the young man looks at him in awe, "how do you know" the zookeeper looks back at the man, "I look at the clock on the wall behind you.".



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