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关于”我的生活简单“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My life is simple。以下是关于我的生活简单的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My life is simple

**In my opinion, the whole subject of happiness is taken too seriously. People think that people can't be happy without life theories or religious beliefs - maybe those who are unhappy with bad theories may need better theories to help them recover, just as you need tonics when you are sick. When everything is normal, men should be healthy without supplements If a man enjoys his wife and children, succeeds in his work and finds pleasure in the alternation of day and night and spring and autumn, that is the real important thing.

No matter what his philosophy is, he will be happy. On the other hand, if he finds out that his wife is doomed, the noise of children is unbearable, and the office becomes a nightmare If he longs for the night during the day and sighs at the dawn at night, what he needs is not a new philosophy, but a new therapy, a different eating habit, or more exercise. Or, man is an animal.

His happiness depends more on his physiology than on his humble conclusion. But I can't let myself not believe in the unhappy quotient People, I believe, increase their happiness by walking six miles a day rather than by any conceivable philosophical change.




A job seeker picked up a piece of waste paper lying on the ground and threw it into the wastebasket. This is what the company manager just saw. So he was hired.

In fact, it's easy to be appreciated; develop good habits; a child says to his mother, "Mom, you look so beautiful today." "why?" My dear "Mom asked you in surprise, because you are not angry today"; "in fact, it is easy to have beauty; be kind to others; the tennis coach asked his students," if a tennis ball flies to the lawn, "how can you find it?" "from the middle of the lawn." one student replied, "look from the thickest part of the grass." another student replied, "the coach revealed In fact, it's very easy to succeed step by step, and don't miss any efforts a chicken, just hatched a tortoise, since then, this chick has lived with eggshells all his life ‰ in fact, it is very easy to get rid of the heavy burden, stubbornness and prejudice; a frog living in the farmland is opposite to the roadside A friend said, "it's too dangerous to live there. Move in." another said, "I'm used to living here. It's really troublesome to leave." a few days later, a frog living on the roadside was run over by a truck and died.

In fact, it's only far away from laziness that we stay away from bad luck. Some children are eager to become angels. God gave them a candlestick and told them to keep it clean And, long after God's disappearance, few remember to scrub his candlestick.

One day, god suddenly came and found that there was only one child named "silly child" who kept cleaning the candlestick. As a result, the "silly child" became an angel. It was easy to realize his dream.

He worked hard from the beginning to the end and never lost heart. An exploration team was crossing a vast desert. Everyone was exhausted and suffering.

Except for one who was in a good mood, he laughed“ I've got the least things I've got, just necessities. ".



事实上,很容易被人欣赏;养成良好的习惯;一个孩子对妈说:“妈妈,你今天看起来真漂亮”“为什么?”,我亲爱的“妈妈惊讶地问你,因为你今天不生气”;“事实上,拥有美是很容易的;善待他人;网球教练问他的学生,“如果一个网球飞到草坪上,“你怎么能找到它”“从草坪中央找”一个学生回答说“从草地最茂密的地方找”另一个学生回答说,“教练透露了答案,“从一边到另一边找找”;事实上,一步一步地取得成功很容易,不要错过任何努力 一只鸡,刚孵出一只乌龟,从那以后,这只小鸡一辈子都是带着蛋壳生活的‰事实上,要摆脱过重的负担,抛开固执和偏见是很容易的事;一只住在农田里的青蛙对路边的朋友说:“住在那里太危险了,搬来住吧“我”另一个说,“我习惯了在这里生活,离开真麻烦”几天后,住在路边的青蛙被一辆卡车辗过,死了‰事实上,远离厄运只是远离懒惰‰几个孩子渴望成为天使上帝给了他们每人一个烛台,告诉他们要保持烛台的清洁,然而,在上帝消失很久之后,几乎没有人记得要擦洗他的烛台了。有一天,上帝突然来了,发现只有一个叫“傻孩子”的孩子不停地擦烛台,结果“傻孩子”成了天使,梦想成真很容易,从头到尾努力,永不灰心‰一个探险队正在穿越一片茫茫沙漠,每个人都筋疲力尽,饱受痛苦,除了一个心情还不错的人被问到时,他笑了,“我带的东西最少,只有必需品”。


Public speaking is the last thing most people don't like, because we're all afraid of deceiving ourselves. The more important the speech, the more scared we are, but don't bite our nails. Public speaking is easy, it's just a simple statement.

Although I'm basically shy, you've been talking (to be honest, I've already made speeches and speeches on radio and TV, and I can tell you that public speaking is not a "gift" like musical talent, or can attract anyone who can speak in public. I've learned some experience Simply put, your audience will say one or two of your main points, one or two are not ten, or if you can't express your intention in one or two sentences, your speech is not focused enough, if you don't know what you want to say, it's impossible for your audience to organize. No matter how long or short your speech is, you should arrange your ducks in a row A row - how do you start, what points you want to say, how do you end my speech? I usually write the last sentence when I'm on a radio or TV show.

When you know where you're going, you can choose any way to get there. A strong approach is crucial: the last sentence you say is the one your audience is most likely to remember. Keep it short The standard length of juggling is minutes.

If all the troupes sing and dance, how can you think you can --.



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