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关于”我眼中的时尚“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Fashion in my eyes。以下是关于我眼中的时尚的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Fashion in my eyes

When it comes to the examination, every student feels bad, because the exam is of great significance to them. They all want to do well in the exam, but not every student can get good grades as a student. I need to take the exam from time to time.

I used to be afraid of the exam, but since my mother told me not to pay too much attention to the score, I was afraid again in my eyes. The exam is just a test of our study One way of the situation is that we need to learn something from the exam, which is the meaning of the exam. So don't take the exam as a serious thing, just relax and learn something.




Many men and a man love football. They can leave angrily because women are not allowed to date. But if they stay up late for men's game in front of TV, World Cup football is undoubtedly an addictive drug.

When the effect of poison begins to work, men will be mad at women who are crazy about "her". At this time, because of drugs and black Buddha: read a language, a heaven to hell, the world Cup is an idea. To stay away from the "third party" is a man's day.

A woman's hell is a man's poison. Their happiness is brought to heaven by "she". They will wander because of her happiness or sadness or even cry.

They forget all kinds of work and life temporarily because of her. They will give "her" time to Kan vilkin, because it is a rebirth of four A man's "third party" thoughts and painful waiting, "when" meet "day, because they will" she "and willing to work, but not be scolded by the boss, they will" because she reluctantly bubble in a bar house, they will make women hairy, because she uses electricity to "hold" your lover, not when someone says "the Third World Cup", A woman is like a nun in a Church Praying to be reborn. During this period of time, a woman goes shopping alone without a man's company.

At this time, a woman does not cook or chat for herself. Her husband does housework alone. The woman in this period of time is like a cloud.

The lonely beauty is painful, and it is precisely because of this that women have to bear the world cup The woman who hates the world cup thinks of the "third party". She apologizes to you for the cold during the "poisoning" period a month later. A delicious dinner, a bunch of beautiful flowers or a can of crazy shopping wave to you willfully.

After all, football is not a kind of football.




I often hear some students say that English is difficult, which makes them headache, so they can learn English well, but English is very easy for me, I am good at it, I am very happy to tell you how I learn English. First of all, I think in my first grade, interest in English is very important, we have a new subject, English is very new to me, I am good at it I have an interest, so I study hard. Soon we have an English exam and I get a good score.

From then on, I am very happy. I have been working hard to learn English. Our English teacher often teaches us English songs.

The songs sound good. I often think how interesting English is! English is another language different from our Chinese. We should learn it from the following aspects: listen to the teacher carefully in cl, speak bravely, read aloud, and have a larger vocabulary.

I have a good habit: whenever I have a question, I must ask our English teacher how happy I am when I understand it. Besides, I often read English stories, jokes and simple novels. From these I know that English is not only interesting, but also useful, they help me understand a lot of things, so reading more is an important way to learn English well, I also do some exercises in our exercise books, I keep an English diary, English has become my good friend, now I have studied for more than two years, I am always the first in our cl, of course, I hope every student can learn English well English.



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