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关于”书信类型“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Types of letters。以下是关于书信类型的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Types of letters

Regardless of the degree of formality, these words and phrases are well defined and listed in a standard dictionary. On the other hand, slang is a familiar vocabulary and idiom that almost all speakers of a language can understand and use in informal speech or writing, but it is not suitable for more formal occasions. Almost all idioms are spoken.

However, slang refers to words that are understood but not accepted by a large number of speakers. Most formal usages of oral expressions, even slang, can be marked The use of export language and slang are more common in speech than written language, and colloquialism will be transformed into standard colloquialism. However, other slang words are popular for a time and will become obscure in some cases.

Most people never accept some slang, but they still keep it in their collective memory. Each generation seems to need its own set of words to describe familiar things and events. Many linguists have pointed out that creating a large number of slang requires three cultural conditions: first, introducing and accepting new objects and situations in the society; second, diversified population and a large number of sub groups; third, the relationship between sub groups and the majority of the population; finally, it is worth noting that the words "standard", "spoken language" and "slang" only exist as abstract labels in learning Only a few people in any language will realize that they are using colloquial or slang.

Most English speakers choose and use these three expressions when appropriate:.





Dear 30: dayihao, I'm glad to hear that you have won the scholarship. In my opinion, the scholarship is the best reward for your hard work and progressive spirit. You always get high marks in the exam.

Of course, in our same class, we also get many comments from teachers. When I encounter difficulties, you help me a lot. No matter what, you will try your best to help me.

I am very grateful. Now you are my good list and forward direction XX. My sincere friends wish you enjoy your award, which is your honor, i I hope you can achieve greater success in the future.

Good morning, Dear Sirs. I'm very happy to stand here and give you a brief speech. The life of a person is a process of growth.

In fact, I stand here as a growth. If a person's life must be composed of various choices, then I will grow up with these choices. I once hoped that In the future, I can study in the University, but that has passed.

As you know, I came here. Now I think, when I came to this school, I said to myself: This is my near future. Everything starts from here.

I want to learn to be a man, a complete man, he has a good body, can undertake important tasks, and has independence My teacher once said: you are not sewing, you are a stylist, you should never forget that what you should show people is your thinking, not handicraft. I will put my personality and my interest and ability in my study. In this process, I will learn and do If I can realize this future, I think I really grow up, I firmly believe that family affection, good friendship and love will be perfect and happy in the future.

Maybe it's a good wish. Let's make up our minds and stick to it, and we will enjoy our life very well. Thank you, Liu Xiang, for winning the gold medal.

History has been created. This one-year-old young man on Friday At the Olympic Stadium of the 10th Olympic Games in Athens, this charming gold medal was won in front of the audience. He broke the world record set by British player Colin Jackson in.


亲爱的三十: 大邑好很高兴听到你获得奖学金,在我看来,奖学金是对你刻苦学习和上进精神的最好奖励。你总是在考试中获得高分,当然,在我们同一个班里,也得到了老师们的许多评价,在我遇到困难的时候,你帮了我很多忙,不管怎样,你都会尽力帮我一个忙,我很感激,到现在你是我的好榜样和前进方向xx,我真诚的朋友祝你享受你的奖项,这是你的荣耀,我也希望你在未来能取得更大的成功真诚的,亲爱的,先生们,早上好,我很高兴站在这里给大家做一个简短的演讲人的生命是一个成长的过程,其实我站在这里是一个成长如果一个人的生命必须由各种选择构成的话,那么我就伴随着这些选择一起成长,曾经我希望将来能在大学里学习,但是那已经过去了,正如你所知道的我来到这里,现在我在想,当我来到这所学校的时候,我对自己说:这是我的不远的将来,一切都从这里开始,我要学会成为一个男人,一个完整的男人,他有一个好的身体,可以承担重要的任务,有独立的思想,开放的思想,深入的思考,有判断是非的能力,有一份完美的工作有一次我的老师说:你不是缝纫,你是造型师,你永远不会忘记你应该向人们展示的是你的思想,而不是手工艺我会把我的个性和我的兴趣和能力放在我的学习中,在这个过程中我将学与做结合如果我能实现这个未来我认为我真的长大了,我深信亲情,好的友谊和爱会在未来完美和幸福怎么说未来也许这是一个美好的愿望让我们下定决心,坚持下去,一定会很好地享受我们的生活,感谢你刘翔赢得了金牌,历史被创造了这位年仅xx岁的年轻人于周五在雅典举行的第十届奥运会的奥林匹克体育场,在观众面前夺得了这枚迷人的男子投掷金牌。他以惊人的成绩打破了年由英国选手科林·杰克逊创造的世界纪录。


1. Narrative Essay 记叙文

A narrative essay tells a story or recounts an event. It typically includes a beginning middle and end and may include dialogue setting descriptions and characterizations.


2. Descriptive Essay 描写文

A descriptive essay aims to provide a detailed and vivid description of a person place object or event. The writer may use sensory details and figurative language to create a sensory impression for the reader.


3. Expository Essay 议论文

An expository essay may explain or describe a concept process or phenomenon. It typically presents a thesis statement or argument and uses evidence and examples to support it.


4. Persuasive Essay 劝说文

A persuasive essay attempts to convince the reader to adopt a certain viewpoint position or opinion. It typically presents a strong argument and uses rhetorical devices and evidence to support it.


5. Argumentative Essay 议论文

An argumentative essay is similar to a persuasive essay in that it attempts to convince the reader to adopt a certain viewpoint or position. However it presents both sides of an issue and refutes the opposing arguments before presenting its own argument.


6. Compare and Contrast Essay 对比文

A compare and contrast essay compares and contrasts two or more objects ideas or events. It typically presents a thesis statement or argument and uses evidence and examples to support it.


7. Cause and Effect Essay 因果文

A cause and effect essay yzes the causes and effects of a particular event trend or phenomenon. It typically presents a thesis statement or argument and uses evidence and examples to support it.


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