aristocratic是什么意思 aristocratic的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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导读: aristocratic的意思是‘贵族的’,aristocratic是什么意思 aristocratic的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释,作为名词时有'贵族的'的意思,读音为[æristəkr'ætik],aristocratic是一个英语名词,在《荷林斯高阶英汉词典》中,共找到63个与aristocratic相关的释义和例句。

aristocratic是什么意思 aristocratic的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




例句:At the same aristocratic dandy harlot out technical institutes he fears that corrupt money prostitute their belongings, should have caused his death geisha, alone return to town.

翻译:在院跟女一起出来的两班 怕女会妨碍到自己的前程 就害死女是自己回去的故事。





1. She can't be that aristocratic.


2. The queen and her aristocratic cronies... must pay the price for their gluttony.

翻译:皇后和她的贵族亲信们... 要为奢侈的饮食付出代价。

3. Well, this chamber may not be much to look at now, but it's something very precious - it's a building actually commissioned by Bishop Damasus himself, and what it is, is a luxury mausoleum for the aristocratic members of his congregation in Rome.

翻译:现在这个房间没什么可看的, 但它本身非常珍贵 --。

4. When he was choosing between River Plate, who were offering him more money, and Boca Juniors, Diego chose Boca precisely for these aristocratic reasons.

翻译:在面临选择河床队 收入比较不错的 及博卡青年队时 迭戈选择了博卡。

5. A young lass of aristocratic blood.


6. - You aristocratic pile of Prussian pig shit!


7. Since then, i have always found it easy to recognize that aristocratic spirit, knowing that in the west, poverty was an embarrassment, but here and in Balcans it's an expression of suffering.

翻译:到如今,我真正认识到 那是种祟高的姿态 在西方世界 苦难是一种折磨。

8. it's a triumph, in a way, of bourgeois values rather than aristocratic ones.

翻译:这与其说是贵族的胜利, 还不如说是资产阶级的胜利。 。

9. They continue to please the eyes of the generation that has separated from the aristocratic life, the intellectual discourse, the nostalgic feelings for nature.

翻译:继续展现着与世脱离的贵族生活 文人的雅谈和对自然的向往。

10. Yes, you can almost smell the aristocratic DNA from here.


11. Although... my own aristocratic lineage causes me to use the term "sore-disappointed."

翻译:不过我身上的贵族血统告诉我 那种想法不过是"酸葡萄"。

12. Dasher's aristocratic mother knew.


13. Aristocratic families are all the same - secrets at the top of the house.


14. i'm suffering from a touch of that aristocratic malady, gout.

翻译:你呢? 我得了种受罪的富贵病.。

15. i know that the equity of aristocratic blood is not appreciated by most communists.

翻译:因为我知道大多数主义者 I know that the equity of aristocratic blood 是不会欣赏她的日耳曼贵族血统的 is not appreciated by most communists.。



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