dinghy是什么意思 dinghy的读音、翻译、用法

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dinghy是什么意思 dinghy的读音、翻译、用法



1. We used a dinghy to reach the s from our yacht. (我们用小船从游艇到达岸边。)

2. The fishermen always use a dinghy to get to their boat. (渔民们总是用小船前往他们的船。)

3. The lifeguard saved the drowning child by reaching him with a dinghy. (救生员用小船救了那个溺水的孩子。)

4. They rented a dinghy and sailed along the coast for a few hours. (他们租了一艘小船,在海岸线上航行了几个小时。)

5. The dinghy was too small to carry all the supplies we needed for the camping trip. (小船太小了,装不下我们露营旅行所需的所有物资。)

6. The sailors used a dinghy to explore the hidden coves around the island. (水手们用小船探索岛周围的隐藏海湾。)

7. The dinghy was securely tied to the dock to prevent it from drifting away. (小船被牢固地系在码头上,以防止它漂走。)

8. They paddled the dinghy up the river to see the wildlife in the mangrove forest. (他们划着小船沿着河流走进红树林,观察野生动物。)

9. The dinghy capsized in the rough sea, but luckily everyone was wearing life jackets. (小船在汹涌的大海中翻了,但幸运的是,每个人都戴着救生衣。)


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