PPBS是什么意思 PPBS的读音、翻译、用法

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PPBS是什么意思 PPBS的读音、翻译、用法

PPBS是英语(English)中的缩写,全称为Planning Programming Budgeting System,即计划编制预算系统。它是一种以计划、编制、执行、监控和评估为核心的预算管理方法,可以帮助组织有效地利用资源,实现目标和使命。


1. Our company has adopted the PPBS for budgeting and planning. (我们公司采用了PPBS进行预算和规划。)

2. The government has implemented the PPBS to improve the efficiency of public spending. (实施了PPBS来提高公共支出的效率。)

3. PPBS is widely used in various industries, such as healthcare, education and transportation. (PPBS在医疗、教育和交通等各个行业中广泛运用。)

4. The PPBS requires a systematic approach to budgeting, which includes clear objectives and measurable outcomes. (PPBS需要系统化的预算方法,包括明确的目标和可衡量的成果。)

5. The main advantage of using PPBS is its ability to link budgeting with planning and programming. (使用PPBS的主要优点是它能够将预算与规划和编制相结合。)

6. The PPBS can help organizations prioritize their goals and allocate resources effectively. (PPBS可以帮助组织优先考虑目标并有效分配资源。)

7. The PPBS is a strategic budgeting tool that can enhance decision- and accountability. (PPBS是一种战略性预算工具,可以增强决策和问责制。)

8. The success of implementing the PPBS depends on the availability of accurate and timely data. (实施PPBS的成功取决于准确及时的数据的可用性。)

9. The government has trained its staff on how to use the PPBS effectively for budgetary decision-. (已经培训了它的员工,如何有效地使用PPBS进行预算决策。)


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