agitation是什么意思 agitation的读音、翻译、用法

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agitation是什么意思 agitation的读音、翻译、用法



1. The crowd's agitation grew as the politician failed to address their concerns.(人群的激动情绪在家未能解决他们的关注问题时不断升级。)

2. She tried to hide her agitation as she waited for the results of the exam.(她试图掩盖她在等待考试成绩时的焦虑情绪。)

3. The company's announcement caused agitation among the employees.(公司的公告引起了员工的动荡情绪。)

4. The agitation in the city intensified as the protests continued for a second day.(随着活动持续第二天,城市中的情绪不断加剧。)

5. He spoke with agitation, his voice shaking with emotion.(他情绪激动地说话,声音颤抖。)

6. The agitation of the ocean during the storm was frightening.(暴风雨中海洋的狂涛使人惊恐。)

7. The opposition party used the agitation of the voters to their advantage.(利用选民的不安情绪获得了优势。)

8. The constant agitation from her colleague was causing her stress.(同事的不断扰使她感到压力。)

9. The agitation of the bees was a sign that they were preparing to swarm.(蜜蜂的狂躁是它们即将成群出动的迹象。)


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