Castnia是什么意思 Castnia的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Castnia的翅膀上的斑点非常亮丽,很适合用来做装饰品。

The spots on the wings of Castnia are very beautiful and are often used for decoration.

2. 我在市场上看到了一些用Castnia做成的耳环和戒指。

I saw some earrings and rings made of Castnia at the market.

3. 这张画上的Castnia的色彩非常鲜艳,让人倍感生动。

The colors of the Castnia in this painting are very bright and vivid.

4. 这个工艺家用Castnia制作了一个精致的壁挂,非常漂亮。

The artisan made a beautiful wall hanging using Castnia, which is very delicate.

5. Castnia被认为是南美洲最美丽的昆虫之一。

Castnia is considered one of the most beautiful insects in South America.

6. 我们经常在巴西的热带森林中可以见到Castnia。

Castnia can often be seen in the tropical forests of Brazil.

7. 艺术家用Castnia的翅膀制作了一个华丽的舞蹈衣服。

An artist made a magnificent dancing costume using the wings of Castnia.

8. 这个博物馆收藏了许多用Castnia做成的艺术品。

The museum has a collection of many art pieces made from Castnia.

9. Castnia的生命周期很短,一般只有几周的时间。

The lifespan of Castnia is short, usually only a few weeks.


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