expeditions是什么意思 expeditions的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The National Geographic Society organized an expedition to Antarctica.(国家地理学会组织了一次去南极洲的探险。)

2. The expedition team reached the summit of Mount Everest.(探险队登上了珠穆朗玛峰的山顶。)

3. The Canadian Arctic Expeditions explored the northernmost regions of Canada.(加拿大北极探险队探索了加拿大最北部的地区。)

4. The Amazon Expedition discovered several new species of plants and animals.(亚马逊探险发现了数种新的植物和动物物种。)

5. The Himalayan expedition encountered many challenges due to harsh weather conditions.(喜马拉雅探险由于恶劣的天气条件遇到了许多挑战。)

6. The archaeological expedition discovered ancient ruins in the jungle.(考古探险在丛林中发现了古代遗迹。)

7. The Mars Expedition is a mission to send humans to Mars.(火星探险是一项将人类送往火星的任务。)

8. The polar expedition had to endure extreme temperatures and harsh living conditions.(极地探险不得不忍受极端的温度和苛刻的生活条件。)

9. The scientific expedition collected samples from the ocean floor.(科学探险从海底收集了样品。)


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