STM是什么意思 STM的读音、翻译、用法

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STM是英语中的缩写,全称是"Scanning Tunneling Microscopy",即扫描隧道显微镜。它是一种高分辨率表面成像技术,可以获得原子级别的表面形貌信息。STM被广泛应用于物理学、化学、材料科学等领域的表面研究。


1. STM技术成为表面科学领域的重要工具。

STM technology has become an important tool in the field of suce science.

2. 利用STM显微镜,可以观察到单个分子的形态和运动。

Using STM microscopy, the form and movement of individual molecules can be observed.

3. STM技术可以帮助我们研究材料的电子结构。

STM technology can help us study the electronic structure of materials.

4. STM显微镜可以用来观察表面的特殊结构和缺陷。

STM microscopy can be used to observe special structures and defects on suces.

5. STM技术的发展为我们揭示原子尺度下的物理规律提供了突破口。

The development of STM technology provides a breakthrough in revealing the physical laws at the atomic scale.

6. STM技术的应用范围不断扩展,已经涉及到生物学、纳米技术等多个领域。

The application scope of STM technology is constantly expanding, covering multiple fields such as biology and nanotechnology.

7. STM技术需要高度稳定和准确的实验环境,以保证观测的可靠性。

STM technology requires highly stable and accurate experimental environments to ensure the reliability of observations.

8. STM技术的精度和分辨率已经超越了传统光学显微镜的限制。

The precision and resolution of STM technology have surpassed the limitations of traditional optical microscopes.

9. STM技术的发展为材料科学的研究提供了有效手段。

The development of STM technology provides effective means for the study of materials science.


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