diuron是什么意思 diuron的读音、翻译、用法

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diuron是什么意思 diuron的读音、翻译、用法



1. Diuron is a selective herbicide for the control of annual and perennial s in fruit crops.(Diuron是水果作物中控制年生和多年生杂草的选择性除草剂。)

2. The recommended dose of diuron is 2-3 kg/ha.(diuron的推荐剂量为2-3 kg/ha。)

3. Diuron should be applied before the s reach the 4-leaf stage.(diuron应在杂草生长到4叶阶段之前施用。)

4. It is important to follow the safety instructions when handling diuron.(处理diuron时遵循安全说明非常重要。)

5. The use of diuron may result in phytotoxicity to certain crops.(使用diuron可能导致对某些作物的植物毒性。)

6. Diuron has a residual effect which may last for several months.(diuron具有持久效果,可能持续几个月。)

7. Diuron should be used with caution in areas where groundwater contamination is a concern.(在对地下水污染有担忧的地区应谨慎使用diuron。)

8. The efficacy of diuron can be enhanced by adding suctants to the spray solution.(通过向喷雾液中添加表面活性剂可以增强diuron的效果。)

9. Diuron is clified as a moderate hazard pesticide by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.(diuron被美国环境保护署归类为中度危害的农药。)


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