CBSD是什么意思 CBSD的读音、翻译、用法

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CBSD是什么意思 CBSD的读音、翻译、用法

CBSD是源于英语的缩写,全称为"Citrus greening and Huanglongbing disease Sustainable Solutions",意为柑橘黄龙病和黄龙病可持续解决方案。CBSD通常用于描述与植物病害相关的科学研究和技术解决方案。


1. CBSD is a serious disease that can cause significant economic losses for the citrus industry.(CBSD是一种严重的疾病,可能会给柑橘行业带来重大经济损失。)

2. Scientists are working on developing new CBSD-resistant citrus varieties.(科学家正在研究开发新的耐CBSD的柑橘品种。)

3. A number of CBSD control measures have been proposed, including the use of insecticides and biological control agents.(已提出许多CBSD控制措施,包括使用杀虫剂和生物控制剂。)

4. CBSD is caused by a bacterial pathogen that is transmitted by a type of insect known as the Asian citrus psyllid.(CBSD是由一种细菌病原体引起的,这种细菌可以通过一种被称为亚洲柑橘虫的昆虫传播。)

5. Research has shown that certain plant compounds may be effective in controlling CBSD symptoms.(研究表明,某些植物化合物可能有效地控制CBSD症状。)

6. CBSD can lead to stunted growth, reduced fruit size, and premature fruit drop.(CBSD可能导致生长迟缓,水果大小减小和果实过早脱落。)

7. CBSD management strategies vary depending on the location, severity, and stage of the disease.(CBSD管理策略因地点、严重程度和疾病阶段而异。)

8. Early detection and prompt action are key to minimizing the impact of CBSD on citrus production.(早期检测和及时采取行动是减轻CBSD对柑橘生产影响的关键。)

9. A major challenge in controlling CBSD is the difficulty of detecting the disease in its early stages.(控制CBSD的主要难点是难以在疾病早期发现它。)


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