Taccaceae是什么意思 Taccaceae的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The Taccaceae family includes plants such as Taccas and Tacca integrifolia.('Taccaceae'科包括植物,如提琴草和全叶提琴草。)

2. Taccaceae has several unique features that make them different from other families.(提琴草科具有若干独特的特征,使它们与其他科有所不同。)

3. Tacca chantrieri is one of the most popular species of Taccaceae.(潘玉兰是提琴草科中最受欢迎的物种之一。)

4. Taccaceae plants are commonly found in tropical forests.(提琴草科植物通常生长在热带森林中。)

5. The morphology of Taccaceae is characterized by large and showy inflorescences.(提琴草科的形态特征是花序大而华丽。)

6. Taccaceae has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.(提琴草科数个世纪以来一直被用于传统医学。)

7. The fruits of Taccaceae are usually berry-like and contain small seeds.(提琴草科的果实通常类似于浆果,含有小的。)

8. Tacca leontopetaloides, a member of Taccaceae, is used in the production of arrowroot starch.(黄手指蕨,提琴草科的一种植物,被用于制造葛粉。)

9. The phylogenetic relationships within Taccaceae are still under investigation.(提琴草科内部的系统发育关系仍处于调查之中。)


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