Frank Bainimarama是什么意思 Frank Bainimarama的读音、翻译、用法

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Frank Bainimarama是什么意思 Frank Bainimarama的读音、翻译、用法

'Frank Bainimarama'是一位斐济家和现任的名字,用中文翻译为“弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马”。


以下是含有“Frank Bainimarama”的9个例句:

1. Frank Bainimarama is the current leader of Fiji.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马是斐济现任。)

2. Frank Bainimarama was a former military commander before becoming the Prime Minister.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马在成为之前曾是一位军官。)

3. Frank Bainimarama led a military coup in 2006 that overthrew the previous government.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马于xx年领导了一次,推翻了之前的。)

4. Frank Bainimarama is known for his commitment to fighting climate change.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马以致力于抗击气候变化而闻名。)

5. The policies of Frank Bainimarama have brought about significant economic growth in Fiji.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉政策带来了斐济显著的经济增长。)

6. Frank Bainimarama has been criticized by some for his authoritarian style of leadership.(一些人批评弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉领导风格过于。)

7. Frank Bainimarama has implemented policies to promote gender equality and women's rights in Fiji.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马实施了促进斐济性别平等和妇女权益的政策。)

8. Frank Bainimarama has been re-elected as Prime Minister of Fiji multiple times.(弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马多次当选为斐济。)

9. Frank Bainimarama is seen as a strong and decisive leader by many of his supporters.(许多支持者认为弗兰克·巴伊尼马拉马是一位强有力和果断的领袖。)


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