coaxial是什么意思 coaxial的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The television set has a coaxial input for connecting to a cable or satellite signal.(这台电视机有一个同轴输入,可以连接有线电视或卫星信号。)

2. The internet router uses a coaxial cable to connect to the modem.(互联网路由器使用同轴电缆连接到调制解调器。)

3. The coaxial speakers provide clear and crisp sound.(同轴扬声器提供清晰而清脆的声音。)

4. The coaxial cable has a copper center conductor surrounded by layers of insulation and shielding.(同轴电缆的中心导体是铜,周围有多层绝缘和屏蔽。)

5. The CCTV camera is connected to the DVR through a coaxial cable.(闭路电视摄像机通过同轴电缆连接到数字录像机。)

6. The coaxial antenna is mounted on the roof for better signal reception.(同轴天线安装在屋顶上,以便更好地接收信号。)

7. The satellite dish uses a coaxial cable to transmit the signal to the receiver.(卫星碟通过同轴电缆将信号传输到接收器。)

8. The coaxial power connector is commonly used for connecting LED lights.(同轴电源连接器通常用于连接LED灯。)

9. The coaxial switch allows you to switch between multiple input signals.(同轴开关允许您在多个输入信号之间切换。)


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