Umbellales是什么意思 Umbellales的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The Apiaceae family belongs to the order Umbellales.(茴香科属于伞形目。)

2. The flowers of the Umbellales plants are usually small and arranged in umbel inflorescences.(伞形目植物的花通常很小,排列在伞形花序上。)

3. Some edible plants, such as carrots and parsley, belong to the order Umbellales.(一些可食用的植物,如胡萝卜和欧芹,属于伞形目。)

4. The Umbellales order includes many medicinal plants, such as fennel and dill.(伞形目包括许多药用植物,如茴香和莳萝。)

5. The flowers of the Umbellales plants are often visited by bees and other pollinators.(伞形目植物的花经常被蜜蜂和其他传粉者访问。)

6. The Umbellales order is known for its aromatic herbs, such as thyme and oregano.(伞形目以其芳香草本植物而闻名,如百里香和牛至。)

7. The Umbellales plants are typically herbaceous or woody perennials.(伞形目植物通常是草本或木本多年生植物。)

8. Some ornamental plants, such as the Queen Anne's lace, belong to the Umbellales order.(一些观赏植物,如安妮女王花,属于伞形目。)

9. The Umbellales plants are widely distributed in temperate and tropical regions.(伞形目植物广泛分布于温带和热带地区。)


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