Salicales是什么意思 Salicales的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The plants in Salicales are widely distributed in temperate and cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere. (Salicales中的植物广泛分布于北半球的温带和寒带地区。)

2. The family Salicaceae is the most important family within Salicales. (Salicaceae家族是Salicales中最重要的家族。)

3. Species in Salicales are often utilized for timber and paper production. (Salicales中的物种常被用于木材和纸张的生产。)

4. The classification of Salicales has been debated for many years among botanists. (Salicales的分类在植物学家中引起了多年的争论。)

5. Some studies suggest that the ancestor of Salicales originated in Asia. (一些研究表明,Salicales的祖先起源于亚洲。)

6. Salicales trees are known for their fast growth and adaptability to various environments. (Salicales树木以快速生长和适应各种环境而闻名。)

7. The leaves of Salicales trees are usually narrow and long, with serrated margins. (Salicales树木的叶子通常是狭长的,有锯齿状的边缘。)

8. Salicales trees often have a deep root system that helps them withstand harsh wind and weather. (Salicales树木常常有深入地下的根系,帮助它们抵御恶劣的风雨天气。)

9. Many species of Salicales are planted as ornamental trees in parks and gardens. (许多Salicales的物种被种植在公园和花园中作为观赏树木。)


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