trivial是什么意思 trivial的读音、翻译、用法

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1. 琐碎的,不重要的

2. 平凡的,普通的

3. 轻松的,简单的


1. This is a trivial matter.(这是一件琐碎的事情。)

2. The actor appeared in a trivial role in the movie.(这个演员在电影中扮演了一个不重要的角色。)

3. Let's focus on the important issues, not on trivial details.(让我们关注重要的问题,而不是琐碎的细节。)

4. The problem was trivial, but it took a long time to solve.(问题很简单,但是解决起来花费了很长时间。)

5. It's trivial to say that we need more money, but finding ways to obtain it is the challenge.(说我们需要更多的钱是很容易的,但是找到获得它的方法是一个挑战。)

6. The teacher asked a few trivial questions to check if we had been paying attention.(老师问了几个简单的问题来检查我们是否注意听讲。)

7. The task was so trivial that I finished it in no time.(任务如此简单,我很快就完成了。)

8. The book was filled with trivial anecdotes that didn't add to the overall story.(这本书中充满了不重要的轶事,这些轶事没有为整个故事增添内容。)

9. The conversation was a bit trivial, but it helped us pass the time.(这次对话有点无聊,但它帮助我们消磨了时间。)


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