APES是什么意思 APES的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Chimpanzees are one of the most intelligent apes. (黑猩猩是最聪明的猿类之一。)

2. Gorillas are strong and powerful apes. (大猩猩是强壮有力的猿类。)

3. Orangutans are arboreal apes. (猩猩是树栖猿类。)

4. The apes in the zoo are well taken care of. (动物园里的猿类受到了很好的照顾。)

5. The movie "Planet of the Apes" is a classic science fiction film. (电影《猩球崛起》是一部经典的科幻电影。)

6. In some cultures, apes are considered to be sacred animals. (在一些文化中,猿类被视为神圣动物。)

7. Apes have opposable thumbs that allow them to grip objects. (猿类有反对拇指,它使得它们可以抓住物体。)

8. A group of apes is called a troop or a shrewdness. (一群猿类被称为“队伍”或“聪明才智”。)

9. Jane Goodall is a renowned expert on apes, particularly chimpanzees. (简·古道尔是一个知名的猿类专家,特别研究黑猩猩。)


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