Anguilloidei是什么意思 Anguilloidei的读音、翻译、用法

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'Anguilloidei'这个词语源自拉丁语,意为“鳗鱼形目”,是指蛇鳗亚目(Anguilliformes)下属的一个类群,包括了一些比较大型的深海鳗鱼,如深海鳗(Gymnothorax kidako)和海鳗(Muraenesox cinereus)等。


1. The family of Anguilloidei includes more than 800 species of eels.


2. Anguilloidei fish are known for their elongated, snake-like bodies.


3. The eels within the Anguilloidei suborder are primarily found in tropical and subtropical regions.


4. Some of the Anguilloidei species can grow up to 10 feet in length.


5. Researchers have discovered a new species of Anguilloidei eel in the deep sea.


6. The morphology of the Anguilloidei group has evolved to help them adapt to their deep-sea habitat.


7. The facial features of Anguilloidei eels can be quite distinctive, with some species having elongated jaws or flattened heads.


8. The taxonomy of the Anguilloidei suborder remains a subject of ongoing study and debate.


9. Anguilloidei eels are popular in certain culinary traditions around the world, often smoked, grilled, or boiled.



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