relegation是什么意思 relegation的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Manchester United narrowly avoided relegation last season.(曼联上赛季差点被降级。)

2. The team faces relegation if they don't win their next three games.(如果这支球队接下来三场比赛不赢,他们就要面临降级。)

3. The club has a history of struggling with relegation.(这个俱乐部历史上常常与降级相难。)

4. Relegation can have a huge impact on a team's finances.(降级对一个球队的财务状况会有很大的影响。)

5. The player was devastated when he heard about the team's relegation.(当这个球员听到球队要降级的消息时,他非常绝望。)

6. The coach was fired after the team's third relegation in a row.(在球队连续三次降级之后,教练被解雇了。)

7. Relegation battles often come down to the last game of the season.(降级争夺战往往到了赛季的最后一场比赛才见分晓。)

8. The club's fans are unhappy with the way the team has been playing since their relegation.(球队降级后,俱乐部的粉丝们对球队的表现非常不满。)

9. The player transferred to a new team after his old one suffered relegation.(这位球员在他的原来球队降级后转会到了一支新球队。)


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