bookmaker是什么意思 bookmaker的读音、翻译、用法

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bookmaker是什么意思 bookmaker的读音、翻译、用法



1. The bookmaker is taking bets on the upcoming football game.(这个公司正在为即将到来的足球比赛接受赌注。)

2. He made a fortune as a bookmaker.(他作为庄家赚了一大笔钱。)

3. The bookmaker set the odds of winning at 1:3.(这个公司把获胜的赔率设定为1:3。)

4. The bookmaker's profits have been hit hard by the pandemic.(这个公司的利润在疫情期间受到了严重冲击。)

5. The bookmaker was arrested for illegal gambling activities.(这个庄家因非法被逮捕。)

6. The bookmaker offered a bonus for new customers.(这个公司为新客户提供了奖金。)

7. The bookmaker predicted that the favorite would win the race.(这个公司预测最受欢迎的选手会赢得比赛。)

8. The bookmaker has a reputation for being fair and honest.(这个公司以公正诚实而著名。)

9. The bookmaker's website is easy to use and accessible to all.(这个公司的网站易于使用,对所有人都是开放的。)


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