D2D是什么意思 D2D的读音、翻译、用法

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D2D是什么意思 D2D的读音、翻译、用法





1. Our company provides D2D delivery service to customers all over the country.(我们公司为全国客户提供门到门快递服务。)

2. The D2D service of this online store is very fast and convenient.(这家网店的送货非常快捷、便利。)

3. The hospital provides D2D nursing service to patients who cannot go to the hospital.(医院为不能前往医院的患者提供上门护理服务。)

4. The D2D sales model has become more and more popular in recent years.(近年来,门到门销售模式越来越受欢迎。)

5. The company's D2D marketing strategy has helped it expand its customer base.(公司的营销策略帮助其扩大了客户群。)

6. This apartment complex provides D2D garbage collection service for its residents.(这个公寓小区为居民提供上门垃圾收集服务。)

7. The D2D fundraising campaign has raised a lot of money for charity.(这个上门募捐活动为慈善事业筹集了很多资金。)

8. The government's D2D vaccination program aims to increase the vaccination rate among children.(的上门接种计划旨在提高儿童的接种率。)

9. Many restaurants now offer D2D meal delivery service to meet the needs of busy customers.(许多餐厅现在提供送餐,以满足忙碌客户的需求。)


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