nerine是什么意思 nerine的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The nerine in my garden have just started to bloom.(我花园里的海仙花刚刚开始盛开。)

2. She received a beautiful bouquet of nerines for her birthday. (她收到了一束漂亮的海仙花作为生日礼物。)

3. The bright pink nerine caught my eye at the flower shop. (花店里那束鲜艳的粉色海仙花吸引了我的注意。)

4. He carefully watered the nerines every day to ensure they remained healthy. (他每天小心翼翼地给海仙花浇水,以确保它们保持健康。)

5. The wedding reception was decorated with elegant nerine arrangements. (婚礼接待厅的装饰都是优雅的海仙花组合。)

6. The nerine bulbs should be planted in the fall for a spring bloom. (海仙花的球茎应该在秋季种植,以便春季开花。)

7. She loves to paint still life scenes with nerines as the subject. (她喜欢画以海仙花为主题的静物场景。)

8. The botanist classified the nerine as a member of the Amaryllis family. (植物学家将海仙花归类为石蒜科的一种。)

9. The fragrance of the nerine filled the air in the greenhouse. (海仙花的芳香充满了温室里的空气。)


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