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‘Smith College’是美国的词语,中文翻译为“史密斯学院”,它是一所位于马萨诸塞州的女子文理学院,成立于xx年。

以下是9个含有‘Smith College’的例句:

1. I went to Smith College for my undergraduate degree. (我在史密斯学院读的本科。)

2. The Smith College library is one of the best in the country. (史密斯学院的图书馆是全国最好的之一。)

3. Smith College has a strong emphasis on women's education. (史密斯学院非常注重女子教育。)

4. Many famous women have attended Smith College, including Gloria Steinem and Sylvia Plath. (许多著名女性曾经就读于史密斯学院,包括格洛丽亚·斯坦恩姆和西尔维娅·普拉斯。)

5. The Smith College campus is beautiful, with plenty of green spaces and historic buildings. (史密斯学院的校园非常美丽,有着很多绿色空间和历史建筑。)

6. Smith College offers a wide range of majors, from engineering to theater. (史密斯学院提供广泛的专业选择,从工程到戏剧。)

7. I heard that the Smith College art museum has an incredible collection of Impressionist paintings. (我听说史密斯学院的艺术博物馆有一批令人惊叹的印象派绘画。)

8. Smith College is known for its strong sense of community among students and faculty. (史密斯学院以学生和教员之间强烈的社区感而闻名。)

9. The Smith College admissions process is highly competitive, but it's worth it to attend such a prestigious school. (史密斯学院的入学竞争非常激烈,但是上这样一所享有盛誉的学校是值得的。)


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