fat是什么意思 fat的读音、翻译、用法

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1. My doctor says I need to lose weight because I have too much fat on my body.(我的医生说我需要减肥,因为我身上的脂肪太多了。)

2. Some people think that eating fat is bad for you, but actually your body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly.(有些人认为吃脂肪对身体有害,但实际上你的身体需要一定量的脂肪才能正常运作。)

3. The dog was so fat that he could barely walk.(那只狗太肥了,几乎走不动了。)

4. I always buy low-fat milk because I'm trying to watch my weight.(我总是买低脂牛奶,因为我在试图控制自己的体重。)

5. The meat was too fatty for my taste.(那块肉的油脂含量太高,不符合我的口味。)

6. Some people believe that a high-fat diet can lead to heart disease.(有些人认为高脂肪饮食会导致心脏病。)

7. She loves to snack on fatty foods like chips and candy.(她喜欢吃薯片和糖果等高脂肪的零食。)

8. The doctor told me to cut back on my fat intake if I want to improve my cholesterol levels.(医生告诉我,如果我想改善胆固醇水平,就要减少摄入脂肪的量。)

9. You should try to exercise more if you want to burn off some of that excess fat.(如果你想燃烧掉一些多余的脂肪,就应该多做运动。)


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