archaeopteryx是什么意思 archaeopteryx的读音、翻译、用法

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1. 'archaeopteryx'是英语中的词语,翻译为“古鸟”。

2. 'archaeopteryx'是一种已灭绝的翼龙,有着一对羽翼和类鸟类的特征,是鸟类起源的证据之一。

3. 例句:

- The fossil of archaeopteryx was discovered in Germany.(古鸟化石被发现在德国。)

- Archaeopteryx lived in the late Jurassic period.(古鸟生活在晚侏罗纪时期。)

- The wings of archaeopteryx were covered with feathers.(古鸟的翅膀被羽毛覆盖。)

- Archaeopteryx had a long tail with feathers.(古鸟有长长的带羽毛的尾巴。)

- Scientists believe that archaeopteryx was able to glide in the air.(科学家认为古鸟可以在空中滑翔。)

- Archaeopteryx is considered an important transitional fossil.(古鸟被认为是一个重要的过渡化石。)

- The discovery of archaeopteryx has provided valuable information about the evolution of birds.(古鸟的发现为鸟类进化提供了宝贵的信息。)

- The skeleton of archaeopteryx is now housed in a museum in Germany.(古鸟的骨架现在保存在德国的一个博物馆里。)

- There are several theories about why archaeopteryx became extinct.(有几种理论解释古鸟为什么灭绝了。)


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