to what degree是什么意思 to what degree的中文翻译、读音、例句

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导读: to what degree在中文中有"怎么样、到什么程度"的意思,to what degree是什么意思 to what degree的中文翻译、读音、例句,在日常中也代表"如何"的意思,在线发音:[towhatdegree],to what degree来源于德语,在《郎文德汉双解大词典》中,共找到54个与to what degree相关的释义和例句。

to what degree是什么意思 to what degree的中文翻译、读音、例句

to what degree在中文中有"怎么样、到什么程度"的意思,在日常中也代表"如何"的意思,在线发音:[towhatdegree],to what degree来源于德语,在《郎文德汉双解大词典》中,共找到54个与to what degree相关的释义和例句。

degree of familiarity透明度 知名度 客户知悉程度 熟悉程度

degree of stimulation状态 阶段 程度

degree of utilization利用率 装载率 以满负荷的百分数比例表示

1. Hey, Freundin. Krieg ich ein what what?

2. "What do we do, with the useless boob?

6. ~ What makes the world go round?

7. ich mache mein Associates Degree.

8. ~ What a world, what a life ~

9. ♪ it doesn't matter what i need

翻译:不管我要什么 lt doesn'tmatter whatlneed。

10. ~ i don't like what i see now in my life, what i see now ~

11. What's more real than Twitch?

12. ~ What if the lights go out and maybe?

13. it's all backwards, what's with that?

14. And when you do what you do ...

15. Now think what the future would be With a poor boy

to what degree作为名词的时候,其近义词以及反义词有way、how、to、extent等。



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