Eucommia是什么意思 Eucommia的读音、翻译、用法

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1. 杜仲是中国传统药材之一,常用于补肝肾、强骨骼。

Eucommia is one of the traditional Chinese herbs, which is often used to nourish liver and kidney, enhance bones and muscles.

2. 杜仲可以降血压,对高血压患者有很好的治疗作用。

Eucommia can lower blood pressure and is effective in treating hypertension.

3. 杜仲属于中国特有的植物,生长在南北各地。

Eucommia is a unique plant in China, which grows in various regions in the north and the south.

4. 杜仲叶子含有多种有益成分,可以制成茶饮,对身体有好处。

Eucommia leaves contain various beneficial components and can be made into tea, which is good for health.

5. 杜仲榨油是一种传统的制油方法,可以提取出高质量的杜仲油。

Eucommia oil extraction is a traditional method to produce high-quality eucommia oil.

6. 杜仲树是常见的城市绿化树种之一,可以起到净化空气和美化环境的作用。

Eucommia tree is a common species used for greening, which can purify the air and beautify the environment.

7. 杜仲木材坚硬,可以用于制作家具和器具等。

Eucommia wood is hard and can be used for furniture and utensils.

8. 杜仲根皮有很高的药用价值,对皮肤病、风湿病等有一定的疗效。

The root bark of eucommia has high medicinal value and can be effective in treating skin diseases and rheumatism.

9. 杜仲被认为是中国传统的“莲子座”,代表着幸福、平安和团圆。

Eucommia is considered as the traditional Chinese "lotus seed seat", representing happiness, peace, and reunion.


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