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1. The discovery of Bruhathkayosaurus has given us a better understanding of the size and diversity of dinosaurs. (发现巨大的蜥蜴恐龙让我们更好地了解了恐龙的大小和多样性。)

2. Scientists are still trying to piece together what Bruhathkayosaurus would have looked like and how it lived. (科学家们仍在努力描绘巨大的蜥蜴的外貌和生活方式。)

3. Bruhathkayosaurus lived during a time when the climate was warm and humid, with lush vegetation covering the land. (巨大的蜥蜴生活在气候温暖潮湿、覆盖着繁茂植被的时期。)

4. The fossils of Bruhathkayosaurus were found in southern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. (巨大的蜥蜴的化石在印度南部塔米尔纳德邦被发现。)

5. Bruhathkayosaurus is one of the largest animals to have ever existed on Earth. (巨大的蜥蜴是目前已知最大的恐龙之一。)

6. The bones of Bruhathkayosaurus suggest that it had a long, slender neck and a relatively small head. (巨大的蜥蜴的骨骼表明它有着长而细的脖子和相对较小的头部。)

7. The exact cause of Bruhathkayosaurus' extinction is unknown, but it's believed that changes in the environment and competition with other animals played a role. (巨大的蜥蜴灭绝的确切原因不详,但据信环境变化和与其他动物的竞争起了一定的作用。)

8. Scientists have used computer models to estimate how Bruhathkayosaurus would have moved and how much energy it would have required. (科学家们借助计算机模型估计巨大的蜥蜴的运动方式和所需能量。)

9. Paleontologists are excited by the discovery of Bruhathkayosaurus because it could help us to better understand the evolution and diversity of dinosaurs. (古生物学家对巨大的蜥蜴的发现感到兴奋,因为这可能有助于我们更好地了解恐龙的进化和多样性。)


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