toc是什么意思 toc的读音、翻译、用法

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1. This book's toc is very detailed and helpful. (这本书的目录非常详细且有帮助。)

2. The toc for this article needs to be updated. (这篇文章的目录需要更新。)

3. Did you look at the toc before starting to read the book? (在阅读这本书前,你看了目录吗?)

4. The toc includes all the recipes in the cookbook. (目录中包含了烹饪书中的所有菜谱。)

5. The toc in the index was not accurate. (索引中的目录不准确。)

6. You can find the page number for the chapter in the toc. (您可以在目录中找到章节所在的页码。)

7. The toc is usually located at the beginning of a book. (目录通常位于书的开头。)

8. The toc for the magazine was very helpful in finding articles. (这本杂志的目录非常有助于寻找文章。)

9. The toc helped me find the exact section I needed to read. (目录帮助我找到我需要阅读的确切部分。)


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