acquit是什么意思 acquit的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The jury acquitted the defendant of all charges. (陪审团宣判该被告人无罪。)

2. I hope I can acquit myself well in my speech tomorrow. (我希望我明天的演讲能做得不错。)

3. The company was acquitted of any wrongdoing. (该公司无罪,没有犯错。)

4. She was acquitted due to lack of evidence. (由于缺乏证据,她被宣告无罪。)

5. The judge acquitted the accused on the grounds of self-defense. (法官根据自卫的事实宣判被告人无罪。)

6. I want to make sure I acquit myself well on my first day at the new job. (我想确保我在新工作的第一天表现得很好。)

7. He acquitted himself bravely during the battle. (他在战斗中表现得很勇敢。)

8. The defendant was acquitted after the witness admitted to lying. (证人承认撒谎后,被告人被宣判无罪。)

9. She acquitted herself gracefully at the dinner party. (她在晚宴上表现得很优雅。)


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