Germane是什么意思 Germane的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The information you provided is not germane to the case. (你提供的信息与案件不相关。)

2. His argument may be germane, but it's still not convincing. (他的论点可能有关联,但仍然不具有说服力。)

3. The evidence presented is not germane to the matter at hand. (提供的证据与当前的问题不相关。)

4. The witness's testimony was germane to the investigation. (证人的证词与调查有关。)

5. It's important to keep the discussion germane to the topic. (保持讨论与主题有关很重要。)

6. The candidate's experience is highly germane to the job requirements. (应聘者的经验与工作要求高度相关。)

7. The judge decided to exclude evidence that was not germane to the case. (法官决定排除与案件不相关的证据。)

8. The research is germane to the current debates on climate change. (这项研究与当前关于气候变化的辩论相关。)

9. The manager's decision was germane to the company's overall strategy. (经理的决定与公司的总体战略有关。)


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