inline是什么意思 inline的读音、翻译、用法

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inline是什么意思 inline的读音、翻译、用法




1. I added an inline function to the code. (我在代码中添加了一个内联函数。)

2. You can use inline styles in HTML to modify the appearance of a webpage. (你可以在HTML中使用内联样式来修改网页的外观。)

3. The inline comments in the code made it easier to understand. (代码中的内联注释使得理解变得更加容易。)

4. The inline skating competition is held annually in this town. (这个城镇每年都会举办内联滑冰比赛。)

5. The inline embly code is faster than the normal embly code. (内联汇编代码比普通汇编代码更快。)

6. The inline images on the webpage increased the loading time. (网页上的内联图像增加了加载时间。)

7. The inline function reduces the overhead of a function call. (内联函数减少了函数调用的开销。)

8. The inline CSS code makes the webpage more responsive. (内联CSS代码使网页更具有响应性。)

9. The inline link in the document directs the reader to a related article. (文件中的内联链接将读者引导到相关文章。)


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