Orgyia是什么意思 Orgyia的读音、翻译、用法

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Orgyia是什么意思 Orgyia的读音、翻译、用法




1. The city's annual Halloween party turned into a wild ia of costumes and alcohol.(这个城市每年的万圣节派对变成了一个放纵的盛宴,有各种化妆和酒精混合)

2. The movie depicted a bizarre ia scene in which hundreds of people engaged in ual acts.(这部电影描绘了一个离奇的放纵场景,数百人参与了性行为)

3. He was shocked to discover that his girlfriend had partited in an ia party without telling him.(他震惊地发现自己的女友参加了一场没有告诉他的狂欢派对)

4. The Roman emperor Nero was infamous for his lavish and decadent ias.(罗马皇帝尼禄以他豪华而堕落的狂欢派对闻名)

5. Despite its reputation as a conservative city, there was a thriving underground scene of ias and other forms of ual experimentation.(尽管它以保守著称,但这个城市有着繁荣的地下狂欢和其他形式的性实验场景)

6. The rockstar held a wild ia after his concert, inviting dozens of fans to party with him.(摇滚明星在演唱会后举行了一场狂欢,邀请数十名粉丝和他一起狂欢)

7. The student organization was criticized for promoting an ia-themed party on campus.(该学生组织因在校园内宣传狂欢主题派对而受到批评)

8. The cult leader convinced his followers to partite in a series of bizarre ias as part of their spiritual practices.(那个领袖说服他的追随者参与一系列离奇的狂欢,作为他们的灵性实践的一部分)

9. The novel described a futuristic world in which people could indulge in virtual reality ias without any physical consequences.(小说描绘了一个未来的世界,在这个世界中,人们可以沉迷于虚拟现实的狂欢中,而没有任何身体的后果)


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