carborane是什么意思 carborane的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Carboranes are used as radiation shielding materials.(卡烷被用作防辐射材料。)

2. The synthesis of carboranes requires specialized knowledge and skills.(合成卡烷需要专业的知识和技能。)

3. Carboranes are known for their thermal stability.(卡烷因其热稳定性而闻名。)

4. The biomedical applications of carboranes are being explored.(正在研究卡烷的生物医学应用。)

5. Carboranes exhibit unique electronic properties.(卡烷表现出独特的电子性质。)

6. The use of carboranes in battery technology is being investigated.(正在研究卡烷在电池技术中的应用。)

7. Carboranes can be used as precursors for boron nitride synthesis.(卡烷可以用作氮化硼合成的前体。)

8. Carboranes are being explored as potential hydrogen storage materials.(正在研究卡烷作为潜在的氢储存材料。)

9. The unique molecular structure of carboranes makes them useful in materials science.(卡烷的独特分子结构使它们在材料科学中具有应用价值。)


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