DDTS是什么意思 DDTS的读音、翻译、用法

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DDTS是什么意思 DDTS的读音、翻译、用法

DDTS这个词语来源于英语,全称为Defence Data Transmission System,翻译成中文为“国防数据传输系统”。这个词语主要被用于描述国防领域中的数据传输系统,比如在军事通信、情报收集和战略指挥等方面。


1. DDTS is a crucial component of modern military operations. (DDTS是现代军事行动中至关重要的组成部分。)

2. The secure transmission of clified data is a top priority for the DDTS. (保密数据的安全传输是DDTS的首要任务。)

3. The DDTS allows for real-time communication between battlefield commanders and decision makers. (DDTS允许作战指挥官和决策者之间进行实时通信。)

4. The reliability of the DDTS is essential to maintaining a strategic advantage in modern ware. (DDTS的可靠性对于在现代战争中保持战略优势至关重要。)

5. The DDTS network is constantly expanding to accommodate the increasing demand for secure data transmission. (为满足对安全数据传输需求的不断增长,DDTS网络不断扩展。)

6. DDTS technology is playing an important role in modernizing the defense capabilities of many nations. (DDTS技术正在对多个国家的国防能力进行现代化改造发挥着重要作用。)

7. The DDTS has been instrumental in enhancing the speed and accuracy of military intelligence gathering. (DDTS对提高军事情报收集的速度和准确性起到了关键作用。)

8. The successful implementation of the DDTS requires close cooperation between government agencies, private sector companies, and military personnel. (成功实施DDTS需要机构、私营企业和军事人员之间紧密合作。)

9. The DDTS has the potential to revolutionize the way military operations are conducted by providing real-time access to critical data. (DDTS有可能通过提供实时访问关键数据来改变军事行动的方式。)


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