Leucoma是什么意思 Leucoma的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Leucoma是一种常见的角膜疾病,特别是在发展中国家。

Leucoma is a common corneal disease, especially in developing countries.

2. 患有Leucoma的人眼中的角膜会变得浑浊,影响视力。

People with Leucoma have a cloudy cornea in their eye, which affects their vision.

3. Leucoma可能需要手术治疗,以改善患者的视力。

Surgery may be required to treat Leucoma and improve the patient's vision.

4. Leucoma可以通过使用隐形眼镜来治疗,但这并不适用于所有情况。

Leucoma can be treated with the use of contact lenses, but this is not applicable in all cases.

5. Leucoma可能会导致患者失明,因此及早治疗非常重要。

Leucoma may lead to blindness, so early treatment is crucial.

6. 患有Leucoma的人需要定期检查视力和角膜情况。

People with Leucoma need to have regular checks on their vision and corneal condition.

7. 在某些情况下,Leucoma可能会影响眼的外观,导致自尊心下降。

In some cases, Leucoma can affect the appearance of the eye, leading to a decrease in self-esteem.

8. Leucoma的症状包括眼睛疼痛、眼睛发红和视力模糊。

Symptoms of Leucoma include eye pain, redness, and blurred vision.

9. Leucoma可以通过保持良好的眼部卫生和避免眼部创伤来预防。

Leucoma can be prevented by maintaining good eye hygiene and avoiding eye injuries.


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