FAS是什么意思 FAS的读音、翻译、用法

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FAS是美国的词语,全称是Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,中文翻译为“胎儿酒精综合症”。这是一种由于孕妇在怀孕期间过度饮酒导致的一系列难以治愈的婴儿发育问题。


1. FAS is a serious condition caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. (FAS是一种由怀孕期间饮酒引起的严重疾病。)

2. A child with FAS may have physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms. (患有FAS的孩子可能会出现身体、认知和行为症状。)

3. FAS is a preventable condition if women abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. (如果孕妇在怀孕期间戒酒,FAS是可以预防的。)

4. Early diagnosis and intervention are important for children with FAS. (对于患有FAS的儿童来说,早期诊断和干预非常重要。)

5. Children with FAS may struggle with learning and socialization. (患有FAS的孩子可能会在学习和社交方面遇到困难。)

6. FAS affects individuals all over the world. (FAS影响着全世界的个体。)

7. FAS can lead to lifelong physical and mental health problems. (FAS可以导致终身的身体和心理健康问题。)

8. Women who are pregnant should consult with a healthcare provider to learn about the risks of alcohol consumption and FAS. (怀孕的女性应该咨询医疗保健提供者,了解饮酒和FAS的风险。)

9. FAS is one of the most common preventable causes of birth defects in the United States. (FAS是美国最常见的可预防性出生缺陷之一。)


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