Thysanoptera是什么意思 Thysanoptera的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Thysanoptera are tiny insects that can cause significant damage to crops.(薄翅目昆虫是一种可以对作物造成重大损害的微小昆虫。)

2. The life cycle of Thysanoptera is complex, with multiple stages of development.(薄翅目昆虫的生命周期复杂,包括多个发育阶段。)

3. Thysanoptera are often found on the underside of leaves or in flowers.(薄翅目昆虫经常在叶子的下面或花朵中发现。)

4. Many species of Thysanoptera are considered pests in agriculture.(许多种薄翅目昆虫在农业中被认为是害虫。)

5. Thysanoptera can transmit plant viruses from one plant to another.(薄翅目昆虫可以将植物病毒从一株植物传播到另一株。)

6. The feeding habits of Thysanoptera can cause distortion or discoloration of plant tissue.(薄翅目昆虫的饮食习惯可以导致植物组织变形或变色。)

7. Thysanoptera are often controlled through the use of insecticides.(薄翅目昆虫通常通过使用杀虫剂来控制。)

8. The morphology of Thysanoptera is unique among insects.(薄翅目昆虫的形态在昆虫中独特。)

9. Thysanoptera have a worldwide distribution and can be found in a variety of habitats.(薄翅目昆虫具有全球分布,并可以在各种栖息地中找到。)


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