Chitterlings是什么意思 Chitterlings的读音、翻译、用法

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1. I'm going to cook some chitterlings for dinner tonight.(我今晚要做一些猪肠。)

2. Chitterlings taste best when they're fried.(猪肠煎炸口感最好。)

3. In the South, chitterlings are often served with hot sauce.(在南方,猪肠常与辣酱搭配食用。)

4. My grandma used to make chitterlings every Christmas.(我奶奶过去每年圣诞节都会做猪肠。)

5. Chitterlings are a traditional soul food dish.(猪肠是传统的灵魂食品之一。)

6. It takes a lot of work to clean and prepare chitterlings.(清洗和准备猪肠需要很多工作。)

7. Some people love chitterlings, while others can't stand them.(有些人喜欢猪肠,而有些人则不能忍受它们。)

8. Chitterlings are often seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic.(猪肠常用盐、胡椒粉和大蒜进行调味。)

9. Southern cooks have many different ways of cooking chitterlings.(南方的厨师有许多不同的猪肠烹饪方法。)


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