Pteromalidae是什么意思 Pteromalidae的读音、翻译、用法

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1. 'Pteromalidae'是拉丁词,翻译为"翅蜂科"。

2. 'Pteromalidae'是昆虫分类学中一类微小的寄生虫,其成员主要以寄生于其他昆虫的幼虫和成虫为生。

3. 这个词语的用法主要出现在昆虫分类学中,用于描述这一类昆虫及其特性。

4. 在昆虫学中,'Pteromalidae'是一种常见的蜂类,主要以寄生于其他昆虫为生。

5. 'Pteromalidae'包括众多种类,其中一些种类对于农业害虫的控制有重要意义。

6. Pteromalidae科的昆虫可以通过DNA条形码技术进行鉴定和分类。

7. Pteromalidae是一种小型的昆虫,在昆虫学的领域中非常重要。

8. 蚜茧小蜂(Pteromalidae)可以寄生在蚜虫上,帮助防治农业害虫。

9. Pteromalidae是一种多样化的物种,它们在各种昆虫控制项目中发挥了重要作用。

1. 'Pteromalidae' is a Latin word, which means "chalcid wasps" in English.

2. 'Pteromalidae' is a group of very small parasitoid wasps in the insect classification, which mainly parasitize on the larvae and adults of other insects.

3. This word is mainly used in entomology to describe this group of insects and their characteristics.

4. In entomology, 'Pteromalidae' is a common group of wasps that mainly parasitize on other insects.

5. 'Pteromalidae' includes numerous species, some of which have important implications for controlling agricultural pests.

6. DNA barcoding can be used to identify and classify Pteromalidae species.

7. Pteromalidae is a small but important group of insects in the field of entomology.

8. Aphid parasitoid wasps (Pteromalidae) can help control agricultural pests by parasitizing on aphids.

9. Pteromalidae is a highly diverse group of insects that have important roles in a variety of insect control programs.


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