Jenny Agutter是什么意思 Jenny Agutter的读音、翻译、用法

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'Jenny Agutter'是英国英语的词语,可以翻译为“詹妮·阿古特”。她是一位英国女演员,出演过众多经典电影和电视剧,如《Cry Freedom》、《The Railway Children》和《The Avengers》等。

以下是9个含有'Jenny Agutter'的例句:

1. Jenny Agutter played the role of Jessica 6 in the film "Logan's Run".(詹妮·阿古特在电影《洛根的战争》中扮演了杰西卡6号的角色。)

2. The character of Roberta in "The Railway Children" was famously played by Jenny Agutter.(《铁路儿童》中的罗伯塔角色是詹妮·阿古特出演的著名角色。)

3. Jenny Agutter received critical acclaim for her performance in the film "Equus".(詹妮·阿古特因在电影《战马》中的表演获得了好评。)

4. Jenny Agutter starred in the popular British TV series "Call the Midwife".(詹妮·阿古特主演了备受欢迎的英国电视剧《产科医生呼叫》。)

5. The film "Walkabout" features Jenny Agutter as one of its main characters.(电影《远足》的一个主要角色就是詹妮·阿古特。)

6. Jenny Agutter's career as an actress spans over five decades.(詹妮·阿古特的演艺事业跨越了xx年以上。)

7. Jenny Agutter was awarded an OBE for her services to drama in 2012.(xx年,詹妮·阿古特因其对戏剧的贡献被授予OBE勋章。)

8. Many people remember Jenny Agutter for her role in the film "An American Werewolf in London".(很多人记得詹妮·阿古特因出演电影《伦敦狼人》而闻名。)

9. Jenny Agutter has also worked extensively in theatre productions throughout her career.(詹妮·阿古特在她的演艺事业中也广泛涉足于戏剧制作。)


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