combustible是什么意思 combustible的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Gasoline is a combustible liquid. (汽油是一种易燃的液体。)

2. The factory stores combustible materials in a special location. (工厂将易燃材料存放在特定的位置。)

3. The fire was caused by combustible chemicals stored improperly. (火灾是由于储存不当的易燃化学品引起的。)

4. The room is equipped with a combustible gas detector. (房间配备了易燃气体探测器。)

5. The city has strict regulations for handling combustible waste. (城市有严格的规定来处理易燃废物。)

6. The firefighters were trained to handle combustible fires. (消防人员接受了处理易燃火灾的培训。)

7. The warehouse was destroyed by a combustible explosion. (仓库被一次易燃爆炸摧毁了。)

8. The safety manual instructs workers to avoid combustible substances. (安全手册指导工人避免接触易燃物质。)

9. The laboratory requires special storage for combustible gases. (实验室要求将易燃气体储存在特定的地方。)


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