amp是什么意思 amp的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The guitar amp is too loud for our small apartment. (吉他放大器在我们小公寓里太响了。)

2. I need to buy a new amp for my stereo system. (我需要为音响系统买一个新的放大器。)

3. The bass amp is essential for the band's sound. (低音放大器对于乐队的音响至关重要。)

4. The amp is overheating, we need to let it cool down. (放大器过热了,我们需要让它冷却一下。)

5. Please turn off the amp when you're not using it. (请在不使用放大器时关闭它。)

6. The amp's volume is turned up too high, we need to lower it. (放大器的音量太高了,我们需要降低它。)

7. The amp's distortion effect adds a unique sound to the guitar. (放大器的失真效果为吉他增添了独特的音色。)

8. I spent hours adjusting the controls on my amp to get the perfect sound. (我花了几个小时调整放大器上的控制器来获得完美的声音。)

9. The amp is connected to the speakers using a patch cable. (放大器通过一根插头线与扬声器连接。)


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