lady是什么意思 lady的读音、翻译、用法

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1. She is a lady who always carries herself with grace and dignity. 她是一个总是表现得优雅庄重的女士。

2. The lady in the red dress caught everyone's attention. 穿着红色连衣裙的淑女吸引了所有人的注意力。

3. Excuse me, lady, could you tell me where the nearest restroom is? 失陪,女士,请问最近的洗手间在哪里4. She's not just any lady, she's the queen. 她不仅仅是普通的女士,她是女王。

5. The lady of the house welcomed us warmly. 房子里的女主人热情地欢迎了我们。

6. It's not polite to talk about a lady's age. 谈论一个女士的年龄不礼貌。

7. The young lady was too shy to speak to the crowd. 年轻的女士太害羞了,不敢跟人群说话。

8. The lady of the manor lives a luxurious lifestyle. 地主夫人过着奢华的生活。

9. She looked like a lady from another era with her vintage dress and pearls. 她穿着复古的礼服和珍珠项链,看上去像是来自另一个时代的女士。


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